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Beetroot Cacao

22,90 €
1,91 € pro Riegel

We make vegetables the stars of our show, in this case it's beetroot paired with pure cacao. Rounded off with tender coconut flakes, fine carrots and a hint of lemon. Our natural protein source, sunflower protein rice crisps, adds the perfect crunch.

With us, no two bites are the same because we use whole pieces!

Our Beetroot Cocoa bars are low in sugar, vegan, organic and lactose free.

70% less sugar

Less is more! We're fed up with the fact that just about every food item contains, or is even loaded with, hidden sugar! Sugar as a cheap flavor enhancer is out of the question for us! With our oat cocoa bar with beetroot, only the bare essentials go in.

No animal products

Small decision, big impact! Our oat-cocoa bar is vegan and so we are taking a clear stand against deforestation, saving enormous amounts of water and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, of course, no animal has to suffer or die!

100% ORGANIC ingredients

No more fakes! We use beetroot, oats, cocoa, oat flakes and all other ingredients from controlled organic cultivation. Because we are fed up with aromas, sweeteners and preservatives as well as artificial flavor enhancers.

Wholemeal oat flakes* 27%, inulin*, rice syrup*, sunflower protein rice crisps* 9% (sunflower protein* 75%, rice flour*), olive oil*, hazelnut pieces*, carrot granules* 4%, hemp seeds*, coconut flakes*, puffed quinoa*, beetroot powder* 2%, cocoa nibs* 2%, cocoa powder* 1%, salt 0.5%, lemon zest*.

*From controlled organic cultivation

nutritional values

Product may contain hard shell residues, which is due to technical reasons and can not be avoided.

May contain traces of sesame seeds, peanuts and nuts.

Cook vs Laboratory

While the nutrients are an important basis for a healthy cocoa snack, one thing is even more important to us: the taste! Because what use is the healthiest snack in the world if no one eats it? Exactly, nothing! That's why we put our heads together with one of the world's top vegan chefs, Sebastian Copien! We are super happy that we were able to combine our unbeatable values ​​with incredibly good taste.

Less sugar!

Sugar is poison. Poison is always dose-dependent and from 50g a day sugar becomes poison. We often don't even notice how much sugar or sugar substitutes are in a product and how much we are consuming. This is exactly where we want to counteract this and offer you a healthy cocoa snack that contains as little sugar as possible!


Did you know that 350 soccer fields in protected natural areas are converted into pastureland every year for meat imports to Germany? The livestock industry is one of the biggest drivers of climate change. That is why we have actively decided against any animal products. Of course, also because of the moral-ethical thought and the well-being of the animals.

fiber source

Above all, thanks to our numerous plant-based ingredients, there is a lot of fiber in the OMNIbar and thus ensure a pleasant feeling of satiety. A total of 23g are contained per 100g, which corresponds to 9g per beetroot-oat-cocoa bar. In addition to the feeling of satiety, the roughage acts as a kind of natural brush for your intestines.

protein source

Our miracle weapon is called: sunflower proteins. Did you know that sunflower seeds contain 45g of protein per 100g? With the sunflower protein, we have therefore found a great alternative for all animal lovers and fitness fans, which also does not have to fly halfway around the world, but comes directly from Europe.

Beetroot Cacao

22,90 €
1,91 € pro Riegel


frequently asked Questions

  • Are all ingredients gluten and lactose free?

    Yes, our bars are both lactose and gluten free. Our partners ensure that the oats contained in the bar are not mixed with gluten-containing grains during production, storage and processing, so it is gluten-free.

    A product is considered gluten-free if it contains no more than 20 milligrams of gluten per kilogram. A product is lactose-free if the maximum lactose content is 0.1 grams of lactose per 100 grams.

  • What is inulin? What is its function in the OMNIbar?

    Inulin is a water-soluble natural dietary fiber that can be obtained from agave, for example. Inulin has a slightly sweet taste and also helps hold the ingredients together in the bar.

  • How did you manage to make a bar with so little sugar? Do you use sugar substitutes?

    We work exclusively with organic inulin and rice syrup, because erythritol, xylitol, maltitol and co. are for us - just like for you - foreign words and therefore have no place in our bar...

    When choosing a sweetener, it is important to know that not all sugar is the same! Rice syrup contains almost no fructose, but instead contains glucose, maltose and polysaccharides. In addition, rice syrup contains minerals and vitamins that are completely absent from refined sugar. That's why we also speak of "empty calories", which also have no place with us.

  • What does CO2 neutral mean?

    Basically, CO2-neutral means that the product does not increase the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. On the one hand, this means that CO2 emissions are avoided as far as possible and all unavoidable emissions are offset. This compensation can be achieved, for example, by promoting climate protection projects.

    In our case, we try to minimize CO2 emissions that are already avoidable with the help of our production partners and the selection of raw materials. We want to compensate for the unavoidable CO2 emissions, which is why ClimatePartner calculates all the CO2 emissions caused by production, which are then offset via two selected climate protection projects.

  • Why is there hemp in the OMNIbar and does it have an effect?

    Hemp seeds have no effect in the bar and are completely harmless as an ingredient. The so-called hemp nuts contain large amounts of antioxidants, proteins, amino acids and vitamins. This makes them one of the most nutritious plants in the world!

Customer reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Use Winkeler
I love this bar

Everything about this product is just right for me. Taste, consistency and above all because it's not that sweet, which I always find very negative about comparable bars because I just don't like it. We like to take the bars with us on long hikes.

Sandra Handlbauer-Zrust

Beet root cocoa

Basti H.
Great bars!

Very tasty and innovative idea!

Innovative ingredients

Both types of bars taste very good and complement the range of other bars available, which are often based on dates etc., with innovative ingredients. A big plus and unique selling point is that it contains vegetables (carrots, beetroot). It would be great if Omnibars came up with other flavors (with other veggies).

Max M
Healthy and tasty snack always in your pocket

Incredibly delicious and incredibly healthy! Not too sweet but still very tasty and rich in content! Good job!

1 2