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Hier findest du alle relevanten Informationen, die etwas mehr in die Tiefe gehen, um dir dabei zu helfen ein besseres Verständnis für unsere OMNIbars zu entwickeln, sowie für die Lebensmittelindustrie allgemein. Zudem erwarten dich viele weitere exklusive Inhalte rund um unsere OMNIbars. Viel Spaß beim Stöbern!

Smart snacken

Wer smart snackt, snackt mit Kopf und überlegt sich, was konsumiert wird. Da ein Snack schließlich keine Mahlzeit ersetzen soll, sondern vielmehr als ein Hungerstiller dienen soll, ist auch hier der Aspekt der Nährwerte wichtig.

Cacao - a superfood?

Cacao is a good food that contains a lot of antioxidants. But what else can the superfood do?

Vegan diet and sport

Does a vegan lifestyle and competitive sport go together? We dispel all prejudices in the blog.

What do we need fiber for?

Fibres are anything but just ballast. We show you what they do for your body.

This is how healthy beetroots actually are

Why beetroot is healthy and how you can integrate it creatively and easily into dishes and your everyday life.

Veganuary 2023

How to get through the veganuary without any problems and what you have to pay attention to when eating.

Lose weight with oatmeal

How grain can help you lose weight and what other properties it has.

Eat gluten-free

What is gluten? What contains gluten? And should it generally be avoided? All the info at a glance!

Less sugar in your everyday life

Eat less sugar, drink less sugar. Here are 9 tips to reduce sugar in your daily life.

Why vegan is the better vegetarian

You're thinking about going vegan and need that final kick? We'll give it to you.

Rice syrup - a healthy alternative to sugar?

How good is rice syrup as a sugar alternative? We have examined the sweet gold for you.

Beetroot Cacao

Beetroot Cacao

22,90 €

Carrot Ginger

Carrot Ginger

22,90 €