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Organic granola bar

The decision to produce our granola bars organically was not a difficult one given the far-reaching benefits of organic farming. Here you can find out what "organic" means at OMNIbar and which organic muesli bars we have on offer.

What does organic quality mean to us?

The OMNIbar has received the EU organic seal. But what does organic actually mean in Europe? Organic means that the ingredients of our bar come from ecologically controlled cultivation, are not genetically modified and no synthetic chemical pesticides are used.

Why is organic better for the environment?

Organic has some environmental and climate benefits. By not using certain fertilizers, soil and groundwater quality are protected, as less nitrate is produced. Organic areas are also usually richer in species, since the soil is protected by well thought-out crop rotation. In addition, when cultivating the ingredients of our organic muesli bar, a lot of humus is built up using organic fertilizer (note: not to be confused with hummus, which sounds similar but is much tastier ;) ). As a result, the soil can bind more CO² and by now everyone knows what that means for our climate.

Organic is healthier

Organic is not only the better choice for the planet, but also for your body. Why? On the one hand, there are fewer pesticide residues in organic muesli bars than in conventional muesli bars. On the other hand, the water content is usually lower, which leaves more room for important vitamins and minerals.

Our organic muesli bars

Ginger Carrot Ginger Carrot Bar:

One of the best combinations since it's organic snacks
are. Oatmeal, ginger and carrot are framed here by a
cinnamon note, crunchy quinoa, sunflower protein rice crisp and turmeric.

Beetroot Cacao Oat Cacao Bar with Beetroot:

Do your seasoned taste buds need something new? Then treat yourself to our OMNIbar "Beetroot Cacao". Beetroot and cocoa meet grated coconut, carrots and a squeeze of lemon.

Mixed Box Vegan Oatmeal Bars:

Decisions are always difficult and particularly so with the OMNIbar. That's why we have the mixed box, which combines our two organic muesli bars in one package. Nobody said you have to make a choice!