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What does OMNI stand for

Our mission is to create the best bar for everyone, anytime, anywhere. To inspire people with profound stories, to help them enjoy moments and follow their dreams. To create value to make people's lives more livable.

  • Healthy

    OMNI stands for a healthier world by offering healthy snacks for in between meals, but also on a mental level by appreciating the little things in life.

  • Consistent

    There is no Planet B and therefore we all have a responsibility to treat it as such. It starts with the paper in our magazine and ends with the CO2 emissions of our production.

  • Inspiring

    We believe that everyone needs their sources of inspiration. To try something new, to think outside the box or to take up old hobbies again. With OMNIpages we provide you with the right material.

OMNI is there for everyone

OMNI means "everyone", "everything", "omnipresent" in Latin. The term OMNI describes our brand perfectly, because we are there for you in every situation and do not exclude anyone.

Owl spirit animal

Our owl represents wisdom and prudence. The owl helps you to discover your inner wisdom and strengthen your intuition. Above all, it helps you to hear your inner voice better. In addition, the owl sharpens the senses. Believe in yourself, do what your gut feeling tells you, even if it's not always the best decision rationally.

Living on the bright side of life

Of course, we understand that life comes with some hurdles that can be frustrating and difficult to overcome. But even in challenging times we try to see the positive and cheer up your day. We try to help you find and enjoy your special moments between these challenges.