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We believe that the issues of climate protection and sustainability can only be solved as a structural challenge if companies also take responsibility. That's why, as a start-up, we want to do our part and offer an honest, environmentally friendly and delicious alternative to existing bars with our OMNIbars.

No animal products

The livestock industry is one of the biggest drivers of climate change. Cattle emit vast amounts of methane, rainforests are being cleared at an alarming rate, and groundwater and therefore also coastal waters are becoming extremely polluted.

CO2-neutral production

Our production is CO2 neutral! We have teamed up with "ClimatePartner" for this. It is calculated down to the smallest detail how much CO2 is emitted during the entire production. Exactly this amount is saved again by supporting projects worldwide.

Our projects

Clean cooking stoves

In Nyungwe, Rwanda, local people are trained to produce clean cooking stoves and provide them to those around them. It's hard to believe, but this saves up to 10,000 tons of CO2 per year.

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Marine Conservation - Plastic Bank

Over 8 million tons of plastic waste end up in the ocean every year. In developing countries in particular, the infrastructure for proper disposal is often lacking. Stopping the plastic tide while improving the lives of the collecting communities is the Plastic Bank's approach.

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sustainability report

Here you will find all the other details that we have dealt with.

In this report we address social and ecological sustainability issues that are not only important to us, but also to our producers, our suppliers and hopefully you too.