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Beetroot Cacao


Beetroot Cacao

22,90 €

mixed box

mixed box

22,90 €


YES! We know supermarkets are full of bars and snacks, but have you checked out the ingredients? Because we do! That's why we decided to do something different! Together with one of the world's best vegan chefs, Sebastian Copien, and selected nutrition experts, we have embarked on a journey to a new generation of lifestyle bars. A bar that literally ticks all the boxes: vegan, organic, gluten-free, less than 3g of sugar per bar and most importantly, it tastes damn good! #KeinssWieDerOther

Cook vs Laboratory

All seals in this world and the best possible values ​​are completely irrelevant if one thing is wrong: the taste! That's exactly why we sat down with one of the world's best vegan chefs, Sebastian Copien! The unique and unexpected combination of purely plant-based ingredients makes our OMNIbar so incredibly delicious!

our blog

Here you will find all the relevant information that goes a little deeper to help you get a better understanding of our OMNIbars and the food industry in general. In addition, you can expect a lot of other exclusive content related to our OMNIbars. Enjoy browsing!

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