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OMNIpages is a multichannel platform from theOMNIcompany. Our mission is to inspire with profound stories. Experience the here and now, linger in happy moments and learn to love what you have. At OMNI, these are more than good intentions. It is our values ​​and desires that should serve as a framework for the platform, as inspiration - towards the right moment. We make moments visible, noticeable and tangible - on all channels.

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  • Inspirational content

    Goosebump moments have much less to do with country names than with adventures and stories that amaze us. With these stories we want to inspire you and offer the right material for a little break. Let's open our eyes to new things together.

  • Authentic Stories

    Change perspective! Too often we are far too busy with ourselves. Everyone thinks they have the biggest hustle. With OMNIpages we let you immerse yourself in foreign worlds through true stories from the field of sport and lifestyle, help you to look at things in a new way and provide you with the right material for inspiration.

  • entertainment value

    The right medium for the right MOMENT. At OMNIpages we want to reach you in as many ways as possible. Whether YouTube, Instagram, podcast, print or digital magazine. You decide! Whatever the format of your choice, we hear, see, or read each other...and in the best case, on all channels...just OMNI!

Our channels

print magazine

Have you ever held pure passion in your hands? No, then you can swipe across our OMNIpages print magazine. Because we firmly believe: Print is not dead! In a fast-moving time like today, in which a lot is done digitally, we want to give you something that will last. 114 pages of the finest quality and passion from our regional print shop take you on a journey full of moments, personalities and inspiration twice a year.

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We get THE personalities from the sports & active lifestyle sector in front of the microphone for you. Olympic champions, world record holders, top athletes, business insiders, photographers and many more are our guests with a clear goal: We want to find out for you how they managed to become what they are today. We want to inspire you to try new things, motivate you to pursue your dreams and give you a tangible "life hack for the pear" at the end of each episode.

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The safe haven of our multichannel platform is our website. This is where all the individual boats come together and unite to form a round fleet. As a sports and lifestyle platform, OMNIpages serves a wide range of media. Overview is the be-all and end-all and that is exactly what the website achieves: Orientation in a fast-moving time.

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social media

Secret company insights, print magazine release or sound check of the latest podcast episode. Follow us on Instagram and you will always be provided with the freshest news and find out what's going on with us. Do you have questions, feedback or a suggestion who should definitely appear in our podcast soon? Then get in touch with us, we look forward to hearing from you!

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